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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

HOW TO CHANGE A BORING LIFE? - "The chance of a lifetime" (story)

Sonia was a teenager living in a small town. She seemed to be a very happy girl. She had many friends at school and was one of the best student in her class.

However, one day she realised her life was boring and each day was practically the same. She wondered if she could ever have a chance to change it. She had never done anything crazy - always behaved in a very calm, peaceful and placed way. Every day was filled with school duties; the only thing she used to do at her free time was watching dance programmes. She was observing dancing couples, admiring every performance and really regretting she couldn't even dance. Sonia was sure she would never appear on the stage and didn't realise that it was exactly her secret dream.

Sonia's eighteen birthday was coming closer. Her parents wanted to give her a special present, but they couldn't find any good idea, because they used to see their daughter only in front of the books or sometimes watching TV. They wanted her to go out home. Finally, they bought a special ticket as an invitation for Sonia to take part in the holiday dancing course led by the most famous dancers in the whole country.

So why wouldn't she take the chance to change her boring life?

Three years later, she became a professional dancer and created her own dance school. Now, she is one of the best choreographer in Poland. She travels a lot with her team and performs on the most well-known stages in all Europe. Anything you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want - you've got it!



  1. Thank you for sharing this optimistic story with us!:) I'm curious how Sonia felt at the end of her story? Happy? Relieved? Fortunate?:)

  2. I'm sure she was very very happy because she achieved her secret draem and her parents were proud of her ;))
    She was a very lucky girl ;-)